This is the one many of you have been waiting to find out about!

Now that data logger and logging options have popped up a lot since there now many app choices out there. We finding our pilots not able to use gauges that been around. And many find out that Dashware is not user friendly with being a 1-2-3 click and go program. The best advice for 1st time users is to dive in and experiment. Start with something you're familiar with and work backwards to see how it works. You will waste more time posting a question waiting for answers then if you just put a little effort into it.

Before making any changes with something you know works, copy it 1st. There is a clone feature for the Gauges that you can change the name or even add a number in front or at the end of the name.

What you will learn from the image I added is, not only getting existing gauges to work, but that you really should have a gauge for each Logger Profile you use. Reason for this is, logger profiles which are created by Log Converter's such as use different data names. So rather than modifying each gauge every time you use it, just save a cloned version for each profile. Example, you one for flytrex profile and one for say UAVFORECAST, ect.

IN the image below you are actually seeing the current working setup for the Log Profile UAVFORECAST. The Gauge Input Mapper box had totally different names in the Data Value: selections.

1) Here you select and highlight the gauge being edited. I have a red arrow by itself pointing at the gauge being worked on in the image.
2)Here from the Project Gauge icons select the 1st one that appears as a plug which will bring up the Guage Input Mapper.
3)Go down the list of Data Value: and select from the list the data name that best fits. No typing here just click and go. Once all areas are comple select OK from the bottom of the box.

So here now you have a reference gauge you can go by. Just know I have my stuff setup for feet not metric. It does not show up in this image but imperial(feet) and metric for a log profile can be figured by converters and calculators in the profile settings. There is a couple of video made by the person that knows more then anyone when it comes to dashware and goes by FDNYfish here on Btw, dashware would not be anything close to what it currently is had it not been for FDNYfish (Frank D.)

I hope this helps some of you with dashware cause it sure makes a huge difference in how well your videos look.