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    Restore firmware version earlier than v3.08?

    I recently updated my firmware to v3.14, and have had nothing but problems since. I was previously using 1.08 with no issues whatsoever, and I just clicked the update button out of habit. Since then, my Phantom 2 drifts backwards, is super erratic in general, and occassionally wobbles like crazy. I did have a similar issue upgrading to 2.x, but was able to rollback thankfully. Now it seems I'm stuck.

    Has anyone been able to successfully rollback to a version prior to v3.08? (I'm told it can't be done, but ya never know...)

    (I did try calibrating the Tx through the Remote Asst, then the Phantom Asst, advanced calibrated the IMU, and calibrated the compass. Even tried calibrating the Tx without connecting to the software. No luck with any of that, so I'm suspecting the firmware..)


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    Well, I've learned my lesson on this one. The lesson I took away is that you should never update firmware unless your Phantom is having some kind of problem you are hoping it will fix. While many firmware updates go just fine (I am told), in my experience, a firmware update can potentially cause your drone to fly erratically, be uncontrollable, or crash. I have a P2 that became uncontrollable with any firmware version above 1.08. Thankfully, with versions below v3, you were able to roll back to fix it. But with v3 and up, you can no longer roll back, so you're taking your quad's life in your hands, so to speak.. I have read many similar experiences with the P3.

    What's more, if you take a bad firmware update, DJI will be absolutely ruthless when it comes to fixing the problem. Even though you updated in an effort to stay up to date and "do the right thing", they will charge you to rectify the problem. As far as they are concerned (and a lot of people on this forum seem to agree, strangely enough..) it is YOUR fault that you updated, even if they're the ones that released lousy software AND bad it impossible to roll back. In my case, they wanted to charge me $143 to replace the flight controller, even though the problem is entirely their fault!. To me, that's like punishing diligent customers for dutifully taking their updates. You would think they would want to encourage, not discourage users from upgrading regularly to receive the latest safety, reliability, and regulatory updates.

    Anyway, for my money, I've decided to try to never update firmware unless it already doesn't fly, or I'm forced to at gunpoint.

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    Unfortunately you can't rollback firmware to a previous versions anymore. Dji has remove all the previous FW versions of they'r servers.

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