Firmware Updates on October 28


  1. Flight controller firmware updated to v3.08.
  2. Central board firmware updated to v1.0.2.7.
  3. 3-axial gimbal firmware updated to v1.0.0.6.
  4. DJI Phantom Assistant updated to v3.4.
  5. DJI Vision App updated to iOS v1.0.43, Android v1.0.54.

Major New Features

  1. Dynamic home point: when using a GPS-enabled mobile device and running the VISION app, the Home Point will automatically be reset to the location of the device every 2 seconds during flight.
  2. Ability to change the Return to Home altitude added to the VISION app (ability to change this setting in the Assistant software remains).
  3. Maximum operating area, based on remaining battery power and current settings, can now be displayed on the ground station map view. This area automatically expands or contracts when new flight plans are set.
  4. The aircraft’s current longitude and latitude will be displayed on the VISION app’s radar. When using ground station, the longitude and latitude of each waypoint is also displayed as they are set.
  5. New pre-flight checklist that reminds users of important considerations before flying added.
  6. Battery cell warning added to the VISION app that alerts users if battery issues are detected. Browse battery cell warning history in the VISION app.
  7. To address the issue of fully charged battery swelled when it was stored for an extended period.
  8. Battery cell damages detection feature added.
  9. New battery cell balancing feature to extend battery life.
  10. Maximum descent speed set to 0.6m/s when the aircraft’s altitude is less than 10m and descending automatically (for example in failsafe mode). The maximum speed of descent remains 2m/s in other flight conditions.
  11. Propulsion system performance enhancements.
  12. German, French and Japanese language support added to the VISION app.

Special Notes:

a) The dynamic home point is only available when using GPS-enabled mobile devices. Your aircraft will not be able to record a dynamic home point if you are using a mobile device without a GPS module (e.g. iPod).