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    Why does my Phantom rotate when I climb at a fast rate

    The title of my thread is my question.

    I have searched the internet and I seem to be the only person that has experienced this problem. Amazing!

    This happened all of a sudden I had not crashed or done anything out of the ordinary other than it hadn't been flown for about 10 days. It worked awesome for several months before that.
    It hovers fine and the pitch and roll work excellent, descends fine. Just when I increase altitude quickly it "corkscrews".

    I suspect it is either a bad motor or ESC? I have ran it through the NAZA software and everything looks to be in order. Compass was good but I re-calibrated it anyways. Also re-calibrated IMU and the Tx. No improvement.

    Other than replacing the motors and then the ESC's has any one else had the same problem and have a remedy?
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    So have you re calibrated the controller?

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