Below is Flytrex 1st Announced Firmware Update for the Live Tracker.

Aug 27

Earlier today we released our first Flytrex Live firmware update, version 35. The new firmware update includes several critical fixes, code optimization and other improvements that we've been working on the past couple of weeks.

One of the cool things about Flytrex Live is that it supports automatic OTA (Over The Air) firmware updates, so no special installation is required to install new firmware updates - the new firmware is automatically loaded to your Live the next time you power up your multirotor.

To check your current Flytrex Live firmware version and see if new updates are available enter Account Settings -> Live, and click on the Manage link. In the Flytrex Live Manage page you'll find details about your current Flytrex Live firmware version and whether a new firmware update is available. Use the button in this section to control whether you wish to have the new firmware loaded to your Flytrex Live the next time you power your multirotor or hold with the upgrade for a future date. Since today's new update includes critical fixes it will be pushed automatically to all Flytrex Live devices the next time you power up your multirotor.

After powering up your multirotor you will see the Live LED flashing blue and purple multiple times. This process might take between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your network speed. Once done, the Live LED will start flashing red, indicating that the new firmware was uploaded successfully. When seeing the red LED, please restart your Live and let it go through the usual initialization process. It should flash green again and the new firmware version will be listed in your Flytrex Live Manage page.

Check your Flytrex Live firmware version to see if it upgraded successfully to the latest version. If upgraded, it will indicate running the latest version, version 35.20140827.

That's it for today. Keep us updated how your firmware upgrade went or post any questions you have at our Facebook Page. Our team continues working around the clock on new features and system updates and invite you to stay tuned for more updates in upcoming days.