Good morning.
I have problems with my phantom 2 vision plus.
I loose the video signal on my iphone 5s.
Before that quadcopter, I had a phantom 2 vision, this worked perfectly.
I sold it and bought the last. But I have the problem I mentioned.
Telemetry data do not lose. The camera control works perfectly.
Under the video you make, has parts with fast forward to not become too long.

Claim to DJI and I responded as follows:

Please try the following troubleshooting steps:
- Ensure you are operating your mobile device in airplane mode with all data off ( wifi on)
- Ensure your phone has been updated to the latest software
- Ensure you have closed all other multi-tasking applications
- Check the free space on your mobile device, we recommend having at least 3GB available, less storage could be causing the issue.
- Try deleting the app from your phone and downloading it again
- Reduce the preview framerate from 30 fps to 15 fps in the Settings of the DJI Vision app

Obviously this had already done everything before I tell them what.
Now I made this new video, which looks good as the failure of the video freeze.

Anyone know how I can fix this?