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    Quote Originally Posted by watcher007 View Post
    ok i did it.probably that day i couldnt server was down. I want to ask you something else if you know.In the settings of wifi extender i can raise up the transmit power to up 27 dbm(550mw).The normal setting is about 100mw i think. is there a change of damage anything if i put it to the that setting?(the highest)
    I've tested up to around 300mw (iirc) and not had any issues. While I wouldn't expect any issues at the higher powers, I cannot guarantee anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by watcher007 View Post
    it says Channel Locked to channel 11 used by Client "FC200_xxxxx"which is the mac adress of the wifi extender....does that mean that the extender is connected to the wifi module? (you see my cam is damaged)
    This actually means simply that when the FC200_xxxxxx network was established (e.g. the link to your Phantom), the channel which the Phantom was operating at was channel 11. If you go to the main 'Network' -> 'WiFi' section, there's a clients list below the two network names. If the Phantom is linked, you'll see it listed there on the FC200_xxxxxx network... I'm not looking at the display this very moment, so I can't describe the exact appearance.

    Also of note.. If you're in the Repeater on the Phantom_xxxxxx network, and it has not had the WiFi settings reset by the physical button... then it's highly likely that you are indeed connected from the repeater to the Phantom. Otherwise, the repeater doesn't typically activate the Phantom_xxxxxx network. You can test this by attempting to SSH to the Phantom's IP address (

    Hope this helps.

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    im sorry for the late inquiry but is this still possible?

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