I have been tooting my horn all around the 10 or so days about this issue with phantom's. It seems like since some finally had hotter weather then what they've been having, more have started having the problems.

Ok...so what we have is, depending on the outside temp, usually will dictate how long the fly time you will have before losing connection to the phantom wifi network. Once connection is lost, generally your only option to recover it is to allow your copter to cool down.

This issue came about from the v3.04 firmware update. Once you upgrade to the v3.04 version, you're stuck with what I call a virus. It then does not matter where you go with downloading other firmware versions, the problem will show up. If you have not yet updated, don't!

From talking with dji techs we're going to have to wait and see if a fix comes in the next firmware update.

I have not tried this due to being in the middle of buying new copters, but a possible temporary work around would be to locate the heat sensor and take note of the amount of resistance coming from the sensor before and after the wifi connection is lost. You can then add a diode with one direction flow rated the same amount of resistance shown before lost connection. Place the diode on the out side of the sensor. This should take care of the issue until a proper fix has been put in place.

If the next update does not include a solution to the issue, and pilots begin flying in temps above 75 degrees and of coarse see that they are only getting 2-4 minutes of flight time, you can bet someone will dig up what I have said here and put this pre-fix on their copter. The resistance readings should be near the same on most all copters experiencing this problem.