So around a month or so ago I bought a new domain solely based on it's name. The name is "IS2.COOL". And before you say something, the spelling is correct. Where you register domains at recently released a bunch of new dot com type options. Example, .tech, .guru, .tips, .expert, are a few I can think of at the moment. But .COOL was on the list and I thought if I could hook up with domain IS2.COOL I would invest. And I did.

My thought for the "IS2.COOL" route was to use it as a email only domain. So with it being a totally fresh domain, the chances of having a kickass email address shouldn't be a problem. Like if I had one it would be frank@is2 dot cool(substitute dot for .) .

The email accounts are not free, and I wish they were. I'm guessing if they were bought in a bundle they wouldn't cost as much. I maybe able to flip and pay the expense. I thought about giving the addresses out to certain pilots for some reason or another. No, it's not a big deal. But one way it can be look upon is nobody else anywhere has such email address. It's unique enough that others would probably ask you all the time where you got a address like that at. I wouldn't use the address on a resume, but I would with most other situations.

In what way could use them? I'm open for ideas on this one.