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    The "I forgot to press record" thread.

    So the day starts good, you go out to a suitable flying area free of NFZ's and other government imposed restrictions and get set up for take off. You peg your aircraft into the air and start cruising around looking for something cool to film. Tell me the stories you missed!

    Cruising around in a park with the mavic pro having a blast showing a friend how nimble it is with the normal+ mods, then flicking it to sports+ to give it some afterburner. I'm switching gazes between my ipad and my aircraft, keeping it all safe. Friend says "man that plane is bloody low! hes also got smoke coming from his engine!" (looked to be a 6 seater beechcraft). I initially panic then I quickly swing the aircraft around so the camera faces the plane and get his bearing so I can get out of his way. We're in a big field that sits next to a sporting stadium so I can't go left without going over the stadium (a game of football was on) and I can't go right for fear of putting myself over a 4 lane highway and a pair of railway tracks. I pitch left and hover over the edge of the stadiums carpark, all the while tracking the plane with the mavics camera. I was well out of the way (well the drone was) but we weren't. Suddenly he's flashing his landing lights at us. "Get out of the way!!". We skidattled and watched the beechcraft set down on the field. Engine billowing smoke, I tell Mavic to land itself and race over to offer assistance. Got the pax out of the plane and grabbed the fire extinguisher off the pilot as he returned to the cockpit to finish emergency shutdown. I then started exhausting it up the tail pipe. The captain leaps out and takes the extinguisher and pops the hood of the plane and blasts the engine with it. *phew. fire is out*.

    Now it is time to collect my drone. Where is it? Turns out the take off point was right where the left elevator of the plane was. She landed perfectly on the tailplane of the aircraft. "Captain, I got it all on video!! you'll have memories to share of the landing you walked away from".

    I forgot to press record!
    I have done this so many times now, I don't forget anymore, its part of my checklist. "Camera is recording after reaching desired altitude". *sigh*

    Now before anyone asks, no we were no where NEAR an airport. The closest local field this plane could have landed at was miles away. He was doing a cross country and picked the field we were in to perform his emergency landing. And he pulled it off beautifully! bravo Captain!

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    I've been flying over 5yrs now and I just forgot to select record 2 days ago. It had been around 1 1/2yrs since the last time it happened. I realize it when I've landed and go to press the stop record and notice it is already stopped. They was something a little different from my usual routine is why I missed the recording process in the beginning.

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