It is, I'm lucky where I live. The Thames, the Ridgeway, downland, market towns and villages, preserved railways like that one, all sorts. Once I've finished doing these test runs and have tweaked a few things like the tilt speed on the 7th channel I will actually have to go back and do some actual aerial video and stills - it's quite photogenic as churches go. There's lots of interesting landscape around here - it's just getting the weather, the lack of pressing chores to be done and one of my two child-free days a week to all coincide (and even on the child-free days I've only got 9:30 - 3:00 to get it done!).

Still prefer the Vision for stills, though - it's that remote shutter and camera control. Mind you, mount GoPro under Vision body using Rotorpixel mount and I can use the GoPro wifi control for lining up shots and shutter control. Not for FPV, lag is horrendous, but for being able to press the shutter it might be fine. I will need to comapre stills between GoPro and Vision camera - my untrained eye can already see the video on the GoPro is superior, but not by that much when using standard 1080p and no protune.