Dear DJI users,

Light Bridge has been released and we got feedback from some of our end users that they need a solution to use with WKM/A2 + Zenmuse platform other than Phantom 2. Considering this, DJI will ship GIMBAL Port To CAN cables and AV cables to dealers shortly. Users who already bought Light Bridge please contact your dealer to get these 2 cables for free.

Solution for WKM/A2 with Zenmuse gimbal.
Parts needed: (Available at your dealers)
1. GIMBAL Port To CAN cable
2. AV Cable
3. DJI 5.8G Radio

Use your own 2.4G radio to control your multi-rotor via Light Bridge, and DJI 5.8G radio to control directly the Zenmuse gimbal. Never use 2.4G radio for gimbal control since it will interfere Light Bridge.

Please click here for more information.