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    Vision App for Phantom 2 Vision w/Waypoints (aka: GroundStation for Vision)

    So... with the last Vision firmware update out (v2.0) and no despicable disasters or verified bugs reported so far, and our Phantom 2 non-vision brothers who just got their Datalink's & BTU's activated in the latest release of GroundStation for iPad, we patiently(?) wait for our turn:

    "Additionally, a separate firmware and mobile phone App update will be released providing the Phantom 2 Vision with Ground Station capabilities including waypoint editing and autonomous waypoint navigation. The update will be released around the end of December or early January."

    And just for clarification:
    Phantom 2 non-Vision: Requires hardware, Datalink's & BTU
    Phantom 2 Vision: No hardware required, uses existing Range Extender and your device (phone, tablet, pad) running soon-to-be-released Vision App w/Waypoints.

    The latest rumor puts its release close to May/June. If you hear anything different post it here pretty please.
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