Having trouble with your copter, or with your pc?

Since buying the Phantom Vision I have been going at a off the hook kind of pace. I'll have to admit a few things have gotten neglected during this time as well. Like my laptop for one. I fly the vision and record the flight and then dump that video on the laptop. As most may know, when you record in 1080P it's nothing to gain 1 gig of video from it. Then add in any pic's, extra stuff for creating a video, and the list goes on. And before you know it the fan on your pc is running when it never use to. And before you realize it things have cluttered up in a hurry.

So it comes time to begin getting things back in shape and you see that there is going to be more to it then just the usual.

Oh my....and now I just figured out I don't have the time to do this thread. I guess it's back to work for me.