Having trouble inserting a YouTube video using an iPad or iPhone? vBulletin can be such a pill when it comes to troubleshooting. So I've coded a new dedicated YouTube button that hopefully works for all devices. It's even much easier to use than the Filmstrip button (the Filmstrip button will still work, but not on iOS).

In fact I'm writing this on my iPad mini. You'll find the new button right next to the now-familiar Vimeo button (click the "Go Advanced" button under the Quick Reply box).

So first we need a YouTube video link:

Next we click the YouTube button which inserts the following BB Code:
[YTB][/YTB ]

Between the code we paste the YouTube video number:
[YTB]peFSHdwtneM[/YTB ]

So right after this line I'm going to click the YouTube button and paste the YouTube video number:

Yay! Now I can go to sleep and dream of flying a Quad equipped with jet turbines!

nite-nite from Hollywood!