The Filmstrip button can be used to insert a variety of video types from Hulu to YouTube, however Vimeo's must be inserted using the Vimeo button which only appears in the Advanced Message Editor.

Click the "Go Advanced" button below your message window to open the Advanced Editor:


Click the Vimeo button to insert the Vimeo BB Code in your message. Then paste your Vimeo number between the Vimeo BB code like this:
[VIMEO]13191535[/VIMEO ]

You can also paste the direct URL to your Vimeo page underneath:

When you click "Preview" it should look like this:

Drone 23 on Vimeo

"Drone 23" is an amazing work by CG artist Ben Reubold.


For YouTube videos, use the Filmstrip button and follow the sample format provided in the popup window.

It's good idea to post both the embedded URL & the direct URL just under your embedded video window so folks can control YouTube's streaming quality like this:

Click to play in higher quality:

Incidentally you can find Dave Dyer's "Floods to Flowers" video in the MCP Darkroom: