DJI Phantom 3 Advance & Professional Firmware Update Standard Procedure

Please Note the Phantom 3 Standard has a different update process, please refer to DJI on that model

The Latest Phantom 3 Advance and Professional Firmware is
Craft v1.9.60
Latest Controller Firmware is V1.6

Important V1.8 firmware onwards is only compatible with V1.6 controller firmware onwards, both must be updated, you will not be able connect to your craft if you do not update both.

Before you do anything you need to download the latest firmware from the DJI site and make sure your using the latest DJI Go App.

Its very important you read the "How to Update the Firmware" document on the DJI downloads page before proceeding

If you have tried this unsecsesfully Jump to Trouble Shooting.

It is recommended you use the SD card supplied with the P3 to perform the update

Before you do anything please make sure you have removed your Props and gimbal lock for Safety Folks.


First of all the firmware needs to be on a formatted SD card. Format the card in your computer as FAT

Download the correct firmware file for your model from DJI website, this firmware file is a zip file, you need to unzip it then place the .bin file on the SD card.

the file should look like this

P3X_FW_Vxxxxxxxxx.bin for the Pro Model

P3S_FW_Vxxxxxxxxx.bin for the Advance Model

It needs to be in the root directory so when you look at the card in your computer you only see the downloaded firmware file no folders.

Before you start read the firmware update instructions at least twice and make sure you understand the process.

Make sure your battery is at least 50% charge.

Once ready put the SD card in the gimbal and turn the Phantom 3 on, after a few seconds you should hear some beeps as the update starts,watch the small gimbal LED thats located on the front of the Lightbridge unit, this tells you the update progress.

During this update your P3 will make a lot of different sounds, you will hear the startup tones when the ESC’s are being updated, your gimbal will twitch, go limp, come back to life, this is all normal, Ignore all sounds and watch the LED located on the light bridge unit for update status.

Flashing Red/Green = Update in Progress DO NOT TURN OFF
Solid Red = Update Failed
Solid Green = Update Successful. (LED may also go off if left solid green for some time)

Once done a new text file will have been created on the SD card, read it and it will tell you if the firmware update is completed.

If you are unsure there is a hidden log created on the SD card,

To locate the Hidden Log file after updating the firmware follow the below

The hidden log is created on the SD card located under \MISC\LOG\ folder

The log looks like

P3X_FW_LOG_AB.txt for the Pro
P3S_FW_LOG_AB.txt for the Advance

Go to the hidden MISC folder

Then Log


The Log File


view this log you will need to enable view hidden files on you computer

On Mac

  • Open Terminal found in Finder > Applications > Utilities.
  • In Terminal, paste the following: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES.
  • Press return.
  • Hold the 'Option/alt' key, then right click on the Finder icon in the dock and click Relaunch.

On Windows

  • Right-click the Windows Logo button and choose Open Windows Explorer.
  • Click Organize and choose Folder and Search Options.
  • Click the View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and then clear the checkbox for Hide protected system operating files.

Once you have successfully updated its advised to perform an IMU and Gimbal calibration.


Some updates contain a Smart battery update as well, when you update the firmware on your craft it will update the battery that is in there at the time, you will need to also update each of you other batteries one the craft has been updated.

To do this leave the firmware on the SD card and turn your Phantom 3 one with each battery in, if it needs updating you will hear the same update tones and see the gimbal led start to flash again.

You will also note that the led's on the smart battery with show if the battery is being updated, the 2nd led from the red power LED will go solid while the 3rd led will flash to show the battery is being updated.


The latest RC firmware is v1.6 for Inspire 1//P4/P3P/P3A

To upgrade, launch the DJI GO app, tap through Camera View > Aircraft Status Bar > Overall Status, and follow the on-screen instructions,

To install this you must have been on V1.3.20 before hand, if on earlier Firmware see below

Please note craft FW V1.4 onwards does not contain a controller update you need to use V1.320 to update the controller first as that was the latest build to contain a controller update.

There is a LOT of confusion around controller in this update, please see below to see what you need to do regarding the update

There are 3 versions of the P3 controller, Model GL300A, GL300B, GL300C, the Model is written on the rear of the controller next to the DJI logo.

GL300A : Up to FW 1.3.20 it could be updated via the USB port, Once you installed V1.320 future updates will be via the DJI Go App.

GL300B and GL300C, Can only be updated via the DJI Go App, Anything before 1.3.20 is not relevant as there was no update other than via the App.
If you have the GL300B or C update is via the DJI Go App only.
No further action is required.


If you are currently on 1.3.20 then all future updates are via the DJI Go App.

If you are on V1.1.9, V.1.2.6, 1.2.8 you need to update the controller to v.1.3.20 before it can be updated via the DJI Go App.

If your on V1.1.8 or V1.1.9 you may should to update to V1.2.6/8 before you can update to V1.3.20

1: Install the New DJI Go App and see it it prompts you to update the controller, if it completes then your done.

2: If it says "RC requires upgrade" you need to upgrade the controller to V1.3.20 as per DJI update instructions listed below.

To update it you need firmware V1.3.20 file from DJI downloads page for your P3 model.

Note : V.1.4 and v1.5 does not include the controller update in the package you must use V1.3.20 then update via DJI Go.

You can update either on a formatted USB drive or via a usb cable to the gimbal.

3: Check the log and post the results if failed.

4: if this fails follow and you are on FW 1.1.8 or 1.1.9 update to v.1.2.6/8 first then update to V1.3.20

If that fails follow the below process.

DJI Controller Update Instruction

Updating the Remote Controller Firmware
Ensure the DJI GO app has been updated to v1.2.0 before updating the remote controller. The System Status bar in Camera View of the DJI GO App will flash several times if a firmware update is available. Follow these steps to update the firmware via the DJI GO App.
Step 1- Check Battery and SD Card Capacity
1. The remote controller has at least 50% battery level.
2. Your mobile device is able to access the internet.
3. There is at least 30 MB of free space on your mobile device.
Step 2- Download and Update the Firmware
1. Go to the DJI GO App > Camera View > System Status bar > Overall Status. Tap Download the firmware update package to download and update the firmware. Track the update progress from progress bar in the DJI GO App. The status LED on the remote controller will blink blue during update and blink green when update is complete with success.
Firmware update through the DJI GO app will not work with older versions of the remote controller firmware. If the firmware update fails, follow the instructions below to update the firmware using the traditional method:
a. Update the latest firmware package files from DJI official web site.
b. Extract all downloaded files into the root directory of an SD card or USB flash drive.
c. Turn off the remote controller, Insert the SD card into a SD card reader or the USB disk onto the remote controller USB port when remote controller is turned off.
d. Power on the remote controller and wait 60 seconds until the upgrade begins. Do not power off the remote controller during the update.
e. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the firmware update. The camera will sound a beeping sound and the Status LED on the remote controller shows solid blue to indicate the update is in progress. The Status LED on remote controller shows solid green and beeping
sound will stop if the upgrade is completed with success.
f . If you do not have a SD card reader, you may insert the SD card into the gimbal and connect the gimbal with remote controller to upgrade
the remote controller.
Update the current remote controller firmware to v1.3.20 through USB flash drive. You will only be able to update the remote controller firmware through the DJI GO app from this point onwards.

Controller FW Downgrade

If you update the controller before updating the craft but can't update the via Assistant 2 for some reason you can downgrade the RC back to V1.580 as follows

Connect the controller to the Tablet and turn on

On the DJI Go home screen press and hold the Academy (little hat) icon in the top RH corner, you will need to hold this for at least 10 seconds and when you release you should get the below screen


This will allow you to select the last FW version and downgrade the controller allowing you to reconnect.

Trouble Shooting

If you have not tried to update your firmware please follow DJI procedure first above, that works fine in almost all cases.

First try the above standard procedure again but this time format the SD card in your P3 camera then put the card in the computer and put the FW file on it but don't re format.

If that fails try another SD card, its recommended you use the SD card supplied with the P3 to perform the update.

Loud Single Beep

If your getting loud constant tones try the following

Put the SD card in with the fw on.

Turn the craft on and leave until the beep stops, this can take in excess of 30 minutes so you many want to put it some where its to going to disturb anyone.

Once the beep has stopped it should begin to update again and complete.

If this does not work leave the craft on with the SD card out until the beep stops, turn off then try to update as normal again.

If then all else fails try the below.

Try the following as we have worked through this all ready with a few people that could not update and had success.

Turn off the P3 and remove the battery for 10 minutes. makes sure its charged over 50% at this point.

Remove SD card from P3

Turn on your controller, connect tablet and open the DJI Go app, Insert battery and turn on P3 with out SD card in and see if it connects to controller/App, If it connects to the controller and app leave on for a few minutes then turn off and skip next step.

if it does not connect you may instead get a single long tone, just leave the P3 and controller on for 10-15 minutes, after some time the tone may stop, once stopped leave a few minutes then turn off, if the beep does not stop after 15 minutes just turn off , Turn off controller.

Format the SD card (Use the one it was supplied with)

Download the correct firmware file again from DJI website and place it on the SD card in the root of the card.

Insert SD card into P3 and turn on and allow software update making sure your battery is above 50% before starting.

Wait for the update to begin and watch the Gimbal LED this tells you the update progress.

Flashing Red/Green = Update in Progress DO NOT TURN OFF
Solid Red = Update Failed
Solid Green = Update Successful. (LED may also go off if left solid green for some time)

During this update your P3 will make a lot of different sounds, you will hear the startup tones when the ESC’s are being updated, your gimbal will twitch, go limp, come back to life, this is all normal, Ignore all sounds and watch the LED located on the lightbridge unit.

Check the log text file located on the sd card to confirm if its updates successfully.

If you are unsure check the hidden log file located under the \MISC\LOG\ folder on the SD card, you will need to enable I view hidden files and folders on your computer to see it

If this is Unsuccessful try again but change as follows.

If The craft does connect to the controller and app try formatting the SD card in the P3 its self instead of your computer and then just place the fw file on the card.

IF this don't work perform again but this time try the update with the controller turned on.

If this don't work then it likely got to go back to DJI

Controller Update Problems.

If you have a loss of connection/video after performing an update try the following

1: Delete and reinstall the DJI go app, before you do make sure you have cynics your flight logs to the DJI servers

2: Resetting the Controller Output board

Press C1+C2+Shutter at the same time, whilst still holding these buttons turn off and turn on the RC .

After resetting, the indicator of RC should be Red

Please reset master and slave if using dual op.

3: This was posted regarding problems updating the controller

Issues on updating the remote controller and corresponding solutions

GL 300A:

Please try to update GL300A remote controllers by using a USB drive/ SD card adapter or connecting the aircraft gimble port with the controller via a USB cable. If you fail updating with these two methods, please connect your controller with your app (meanwhile keep the aircraft off and keep your mobile device connected with the Internet), then turn on your app, go to camera-aircraft status, download and install the firmware and the remote controller will be updated (More than 15 remote controllers in China have been updated in this way).

Remote controllers whose model type is GL300B can only be updated on your app, however, according to the survey, the updates failed in the following three conditions:

First, The remote controller turns off automatically, then the first led light on it turns cyan. And when you connect your remote controller with your mobile device again, the app says no signal, and there’s no notification that says the remote controller needs to be updated.
Solution: It’s possibly because the 1765 module on the remote controller fails updating. So please press these four buttons on the remote controller at the same time, namely, C1, C2, Recording and the Scroll that adjusts ISO, meanwhile, spare another finger to turn the remote controller on (don’t let the other four fingers go), then turn on the app and you’ll be able to download the firmware again and please follow the steps on the app and the remote controller will hence be updated. (More than 10 remote controllers in China have been updated in this way).

Second, the app fails updating the remote controller and the first led light turns red.
Solution: please update on your app again. (More than 2 remote controllers in China have been updated in this way).

Third, the remote controller won’t update any ways.
Solution: the 1.2.0 Android app has this bug that no matter your firmware is latest or not, the app will ask you to update the remote controller. The new DJI GO Android app will solve this bug. (Many more remote controllers in China have been updated in this way).