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    Firmware - Phantom 2 Vision


    (Links may change as versions are upgraded, but you should be able to Google them if they change)

    Latest versions/updates/downloads are at

    Follow instructions in section 13 of the manual to install the Phantom Vision Assistant and the RC Assistant. The Vision Assistant is used to upgrade/setup the Phantom, the RC Assistant is used to upgrade the transmitter. You should use both initially to insure you have the latest firmware. The first time you run the Vision Assistant it will ask you to set up an account with DJI. The upgrade tab in the Vision Assistant will show you what versions you have and if upgrades are available (assuming you're connected to the internet).

    The manual is at . Note that the manual versions may change with changes in the firmware versions.

    The Vision FC200 camera is upgraded via a separate procedure.

    Download the Vision app for whatever smartphone/tablet you intend to use, Iphone App Store or Google Play

    You definitely want the latest versions for all components. For important upgrades, for component compatibility with each other, for compatibility with the manual (latest firmware should match latest manual), and just because it makes answering your questions easier (if everything is current). Note - As with all "software" upgrades, new versions sometimes have bugs. As a result, many folks take a wait & see attitude to new releases. If you decide to subscribe to that approach, watch the related forums for others' experience. On the other hand, somebody has to go first.

    Most of the configuration work is done in the Vision Assistant. When you use it, have everything on just as if you were going to fly ... Transmitter, Repeater, Vision, Smartphone/Tablet - so you can see that all is working as expected.

    To activate the NAZA mode connect your Vision to the Vision Assistant. In the upper right hand there's a button that toggles between Vision mode and NAZAM mode. Click it to go to NAZA. You will be able to verify the controller signals the Vision as expected. For S1 in NAZA mode, the top position is GPS, the mid position is ATTI, and the bottom position can be either RTH or Manual, your choice depending on set up in the Assistant. NAZA mode also activates the IOC function of S2 ... top position is OFF, mid position is Course Lock, and bottom position is Home Lock.
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    Useful stuff thanks.
    I fly Phantom 2 with Gopro 3 Black, Zenmuse, Imersion RC600, Black Pearl Monitor.

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