DJI Phantom 3 Duo : New professional Multikopter with two cameras

After the Phantom 2 Vision and the phantom 2 last year DJI Innovations phantom presented 3 duo. The Phantom 3 duo to impress with a flight time of approximately 45 minutes and an ingenious system that makes panoramic images easier than ever . Even a new remote control is included.

The DJI Phantom 3 Duo is a further development of the popular DJI Phantom 2 Vision, a multicopter for beginners and novices . However, the manufacturer DJI summarizes the Phantom duo two chassis , which promises a longer flight time and improved stability. The system accommodates unlike his younger brother not only a source of energy , but two of the strong 5200mAh 3S battery. This allows for a flight time of approximately 45 minutes. The new Phantom 3 Duo is basically a Hexacopter , because it has six rotors - but these are not uniformly arranged in the hexagon , but form two parallel rows .
6 propellers and double Naza -M V3 flight controls for a better and more stable flight experience

Thanks to the propeller 6 the DJI Phantom 3 Duo is not only stable , but also very fast : more than 25 meters per second should be able to handle the 3.2 -pound system. For an improved flight experience the two Naza flight controllers are responsible , working together through on-going synchronization and keep the copter stable in the air

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Panoramic shots and split screen function

At the same time has the DJI Phantom 3 Duo via two high-resolution cameras that can be implemented in an unprecedented quality panoramic images . Each of the two cameras to covers from a specific area, so that the individual photos using the DJI Phantom 3 Duo - app in less than 2 seconds can be joined together seamlessly and a perfect panoramic photo created. The newly developed 3-axis gimbal purely visually indistinguishable from the camera suspension of the DJI Phantom 2 vision, but allows that camera movements can be compensated in three dimensions. The fact that the landing gear of the MikroKopter here are in the way , however, does not interfere : The newly developed camera retouched objects in front of the lens in just a few milliseconds away , and missing parts by image information of the other camera. Smaller post-processing can be made even on the remote control , thanks to the integrated display and sophisticated software .

With the remote control the cameras are even being individually controllable so that the UAV has to just float in the air and the pilot maintains the perfect panoramic view. Per split screen function, the two images can be transferred to a monitor or a FPV FPV goggles. Real-time transmission to a mobile terminal such as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision is, of course , as well as the direct FPV perspective on the remote control.

New Remote Control: Controllable for toddlers

The new remote control has a control cross, with the main flying commands can be given . To help beginners the copter control, DJI waived the Phantom 3 duo but the usual control levers and switches . The remote control of the copter can only be switched on and off and there are numerous extra functions to control the camera , the UAV itself is only moved up and down . Both yaw , pitch and roll levers are replaced by panning and tilting the remote.

Mute function - for optimal stable video images,

Also new is the function to set the copter louder or softer , which thanks to the aerodynamically newly formed blades is possible. If the adjustable propeller placed in the new mute mode , the DJI Phantom Quadro but only flies about 10 minutes. Especially for video recordings as the pesky propeller noises no longer be heard on the video - because in the mute stage 2, the six propellers can even be turned off completely during the flight ! However, then the flight time is shortened drastically again .

Thanks to the synchronized flight controls and ease of use are mysterious flyaways , or operator error now belong to the past . An intuitive control scheme allows even small children to experienced pilots. Furthermore, the DJI Phantom 3 Duo is particularly favorable : For only 399, - Euro the copter will be available . At that price, which pilots the Phantom 2 Vision certainly need to make friends only . Nevertheless, the complete package should convince and be extremely successful.

*Since we just went live earlier yesterday this is a late April Fools!!!